Friday, February 25, 2011

Sharing my Spring Break with the Minnesota Twins?

I've been up and down about my travel plans for Spring Break. I'm trying to best manage my finances and my fun. The practical side of me (which is probably more than 50%) is suggesting I just stay home, pick up extra shifts at Ticket King and catch up on sleep... while working ahead in homework.

The side that wants to party really, really wants to pack up the one bag that flies free and head on down to Ft. Myers to see my Minnesota Twins play the Boston Red Sox during spring training.

Hammond Field, Ft. Myers
I'm torn. I love the Twins so much. Not to mention I am still reeling from all the season tickets being sold out after finally convincing my Mom to buy them for me. It has been a rough pre-season for me. Basically, I need my Twins fix and I need it now. Like any good addict, the practical side rarely wins out.

Thanks for listening, I'll see you at Ft. Myers.

Probably. Well... I'll let you know.

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