Friday, February 4, 2011

Justin Morneau is Making me Worried

Justin MorneauHeadline after headline has been assuring Twins fans that Justin Morneau is making steady progress towards taking part in Spring Training and returing as a fully funtional player of the Twins this 2011 season. I'm not so sure if I buy it.

Certainly Morneau has to be on the minds of more fans than just myself. While I understand the benefits of avioding complications and taking it slow, it seems to me that Morneau should be hitting against some net in Florida or Arizona or somewhere by now. I want to hear about him taking some swings... not about... "oh yes, Justin took his first steps today." That doesn't interest me.

Don't get me wrong, I have the ultimate respect for Morneau. I believe he is completely dedicated to the Twins' Organization. I just wish we were hearing more good news. The Twins are a better team with Morneau in the line-up. Let's get it done.

All I want back is Justin Morneau - the pre-concussion version.

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