Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Miguel Cabrera Loves His Scotch

Miguel CabreraWell... Miguel Cabrera is giving Charlie Sheen a run for his intoxicated money.

Miguel Cabrera was arrested late Wednesday on suspicion of drunk driving in Fort Pierce, which is about 110 miles southeast of where the Tigers hold spring training. Allegedly during his arrest, Miguel took a large swig from his BOTTLE of Scotch... right in front of that Po-Po. What... a stud.

Another big shocker was that he wasn't at camp today. No kidding. Have you ever drank straight scotch all night and made any obligation you planned for the next 24 hours? Doubt it. Apparently Cabrera is very embarrassed... and I must go so far as to say he is very hungover as well.

Lucky for Mr. Michael (Miguel in English =) ), Jim Leyland has his back. Leyland said that Miguel's events would not affect the team whatsoever and that he knows "for a fact" that Cabrera is in the best shape of his life. It is debatable as to how much the words of Leyland are worth though- he is delusional: the Tigers plan to win the AL Central title.

Umm... Remember those Minnesota Twins? They are planning on it as well. See you at the finish line. Lucky for us... we can easily walk that line while simultaneously holding your finger to your nose. Man... hate those sobriety tests.

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