Friday, February 4, 2011

Ozzie Guillen

I would like to take the time to point out that Ozzie Guillen, the Skipper of the Chicago White Sox, is on twitter. If you have ever seen an interview with Ozzie, you must be feeling as intrigued as I was. This guy is a little bit of a fruit cake, but always worth a laugh.

Here are some recent tweets from Ozzie:

Que raro beisbol en puerto rico.

No pierdan su tiempo en mi recentidos sociales ignorantes sin trabajo.

You so friking good.

Please let me have the oportunite.

Is to windy.

Sorry people this is bad crazy oh my god.

Sport keep the country very high espcial. Vegas cazquez and more more people great example.

... And, the best for last:

What's wrong we ours society iam seat at home watching tv and most of comercial is to loose weght and diet plesae people.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Between the Spanish tweets and the mispelled words, the missed grammer points and the doubled up words, I decided to 'follow' Ozzie. This guy is HILARIOUS! Plus, helps me brush up my Spanish skills since my best estimate would dictate that 90% of his tweets are in Spanish.

I like you Ozzie, I really do.

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