Thursday, September 1, 2011

Twins Injury Updates

Even our draft picks are injured.

Kyle Gibson, the Twins' first-round draft pick back in '09 will undergo Tommy John surgery, putting him out completely for the 2012 season.

Justin Morneau has a headache coupled with homerun celibacy.
Denard Span also has a headache.
Joe Mauer has a neck ache, weak legs, sore shoulder, the plague and the rhino virus.
Scott Baker has elbow soreness.
Nick Blackburn has an entrapped right forearm nerve.
Alexi Casilla has a right hamstring strain. Again.
Francisco Liriano slept wrong on his left shoulder and strained it.


I tell you what; I think the Twins need to formulate an Excel spreadsheet of all our injuries just to keep track of them. What's that you say? They already have? Gosh... all my good ideas are just a day too late and a dollar too short.

Twins spring training 2012.

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