Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Serena Williams is a Hot Head

As long as today's theme is 'tennis'...

Serena Williams was fined in her US Open championship game against Samantha Stosur for yelling at the chair umpire. (From what I can tell, a chair umpire is similar to a home plate umpire or the football official in white = head hauncho.) The chair umpire made a rare call at a unique time, prompting the outburst by Williams.

Williams has for some time suggested tennis has a Serena-problem as the association has fined and penalized her in the past. Seems like an appropriate suggestion from a hot head known for her obscenity-laced meltdowns.

While there were much larger fines in the past, the USTA only fined Williams $2,000 for berating this particular chair umpire.

In high school, I once yelled at a volleyball referee about a bad call (yes, it was actually a bad call) regarding a block-touch off my hit. After the game I apologized out of fear I would meet that referee again and there would be a bad vibe between the team and the refereeing authorities. I guess you could say I had ulterior motives for my apologizing, but I think the following holds true regardless: Serena Williams has some big cahoonas.

She screams at officials, avoids playing at venues that 'disrespect' her and throws tantrums over calls all unapologetically. I wish I had those kind of guts...

Or is it disrespect?

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