Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ticket King Minneapolis

Today I am doing some Ticket King work from Minneapolis! This office is designed/set up differently than the one in Minneapolis and I have to say I like it. The Minneapolis office is set up in a family style atmosphere with a modern vibe. The place is outfitted with Ikea-type furniture and fixtures. Love it!

A funny story... this morning when I was walking from the parking ramp to Ticket King, I had an encounter with a strange creature. A man donning a dress and flats (which were actually semi-cute) walked by me, carrying two very large garbage bags filled with aluminum cans. As he passed by me, he turned and asked, "Is today Saturday or Sunday? Amid all the excitement of last night, I lost track."

Umm... ok. Clearly he had to say something to me because I was avoiding eye contact at all cost, but really? You knew what day it is. You knew when you rolled out of your leather upholstered bed with a flower down comforter that you were going to pull on that dress no matter how much your biceps protested and that it was Saturday.

Now in St. Paul, a much more family-oriented and old-style city, I can't say that would have happened, especially since my walk to the office is about 20 paces.

Minneapolis is great, but so is St. Paul!

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