Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ozzie Guillen Manager of the Florida Marlins

Alright Chicago. Let me tell you this: Ozzie Guillen is one crazy SOB, but he also wins games. He is temperamental and difficult to play for. He is also the only Chicago manager in the last 90 years to lead a Chicago team to a World Series title.

Out of the eight seasons as the White Sox manager, the team has held a winning record five times. Just once during those same eight seasons have the Sox lost more than 90 games.

Sure, the Sox sucked this year. So did the whole AL Central with the exception of Justin Verlander. Stuff happens. The Twins are closing in on 100 wins? You think your season is bad?

Guillen was probably one big fat migraine. The new manager probably will be less of one, but that comes at a price. The new manager is certain to be less colorful and will be lucky if he can lead the White Sox to as many wins as Guillen did.

Guillen will be taking a job with the Florida Marlins after being released from his White Sox contract.

Actually, there has been a lot of relocation to Florida... just see the AL Wildcard.

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