Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Minnesota Twins and 99 Losses

Here it is. The Minnesota Twins have two options: win their final two games of the year or reach 100 and/or 101 losses.

I should've warned you this wouldn't be pretty.

Right now the Twins, coming off a 7-3 loss against Kansas City, are sitting (or laying down) at 61-99 which is just one loss short of a coma.

The Twins have only ever had a 100-loss season in Minnesota, which took place in 1962. They came to Minnesota in 1961.

The other day I received an email from the Twins organization regarding my 2012 season ticket deposit as an On Deck Circle member. Sure, I love the Twins enough to try for season tickets again. In fact, this season was so terrible I know that next year can only be an improvement. Look at that... optimism. I never do that.

It would be nice if they lowered the prices for next year... but I guess not everyone is a poor college student. Just poor blue-color workers.

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