Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jose Reyes is a Coward

Jose Reyes. Synonymous with cheater.

Reyes was pulled from, what could be, his final game as a Met after going 1-1 on a bunt single. Reyes requested to be pulled if such a situation arose because it would give him the best shot at the NL batting title, which he was later crowned.

Pulling Reyes came on the 70th anniversary of Ted Williams' decision to play in a double header on the final day of the regular season in 1941. On that date, his average was .39955 and would have been rounded up to .400; he played. "If I'm going to be a .400 hitter, I'm going to be a .400 hitter all the way," Williams was quoted.

Williams then went 6-for-8 in the double header to up his average to .406.

Reyes is a coward.

Apparently CJ Wilson of the Rangers agreed by tweeting, "Seriously people -- taking out a star player to preserve his batting average lead... weak! I hope ryan braun goes 5-for-5 and wins the title now."

Unfortunately Braun went 0-for-4 to finish at .332 for Milwaukee.

A word of advice to Reyes: No one will respect you for your actions, not even your fans. You say you won the title for your fans, but really, they came to watch you play, not to watch you sit as a backhanded way to win a trophy. In the end, you decided it was truly all about yourself. Big mistake. At the finish line you turned from a hometown hero to one big chicken that doesn't play for the team or for the fans, but for himself. No one respects that, no matter how many awards you have. Feel like a winner? You shouldn't, you loser.

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