Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gophers Beat Badgers – What a Night – See the Gophers Do It Again

I don’t claim to be a college basketball expert, but I sort of predicted that the Gophers basketball team had the potential, should I dare say the ability, to beat the Wisconsin Badgers at the Barn on Thursday night. The Gophers overpowered the Badgers beating them 68-52. One of my friends went to the game and said the nose level was insane and the game was a ton of fun, well if you were a Gopher fan.

I could tell it was a sell-out from my couch and the crowd seemed extra loud even on TV. Blake Hoffarber was the star for the Gophers and it was awesome to see him sink three pointer after three pointer. Hoffarber led the Gopher team with 16 points and 9 rebounds.

If you missed the Gopher Badger game, do NOT miss another Gopher Basketball game. In fact, there is a game TONIGHT! Gophers vs. Indiana 7pm at Williams Arena. Ticket King still has tickets and I am sitting in the office RIGHT NOW waiting for you to call – Gopher tickets are $35, call us now at 612-341-4131 and reserve your seats for tonight’s action!

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