Friday, January 7, 2011

Bert Blyleven Finally 'Circled'

Bert BlylevenMinnesota Twins fans have always been the faithful kind, following the team to various ballparks across the country. Even child-fans of the Twins have grown up, moved away from home, yet remained faithful, perhaps visiting their city's ballpark when the Twins are in town. These Twins fans in various ballparks all have a guaranteed site in common: a fan holding a sign with the phase, "Circle Me Bert".

Bert Blyleven has made the phrase famous by circling fans with such signs over the past few years. Blyleven held the power to make a kids day just by utilizing his telestrator pen in a geometrical fashion.

On Wednesday, Bert was finally repaid for all his work... on the field that is. Blyleven was honored for his 22-year playing career by being elected into the 2011 class of the Hall of Fame. This year was Bert's 14th year on the ballot. While I was never privy to the in-person witnessing of Bert's famous curveballs, I have been privy to overwhelming appeal Blyleven generates with his fans.

Now, more than ever, we are proud to have Bert Blyleven in our broadcast booth. Congratulations Bert!!

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