Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Nomadic Minnesota Vikings

Metrodome CollapseWell... now that the Minnesota Vikings have finished their season, a season so low, the Metrodome couldn't even stand it, they must be looking to next season. And no one knows exactly where that season will be played.

The possibility of the Minnesota Vikings leaving the state is a very real threat that looms over the Twin Cities. The lease the Vikings have with the Metrodome is set to expire after their 2011-12 season and the team is in need of a new home.

The Minnesota Twins and the University of Minnesota Football program have both been privy to new stadiums in the past few years. The Metrodome, while a Minnesota stand-by, is without modern amenities and the financial earning power of a contemporary NFL stadium. I remember watching the nomadic game at Ford Field thinking they were in a different decade... and not one behind us.

Zygi Wilf and Commissioner Roger Goodell have been lobbying state politicians about the urgency of the need for a new stadium. Goodell has said the league intends to put a team back in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Vikings. It does roll off the tongue... terribly.

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