Friday, January 21, 2011

Manager of the Year Speechless

The Twins caravan, on the northwestern portion of their Midwestern route, found themselves in front of large crowds of fanatical Twins fans. Fans that were so ecstatic and so supportive of the organization and the captain himself, that they gave Ron Gardenhire a standing ovation that left him speechless.

As Gardy was announced, the crowd at the Lodge in Brainard Lakes, the crowd stood and roared for our deserving leader. Gardy told the crowd that he "actually get[s] to stand next to guys like Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva and now Bert Blyleven and they get standing ovations. So to get one of those is pretty cool."

You know Gardy... anytime. Anytime you want to wave your arms frantically to drive in the runner, anytime you want to curse out the incompetent umpiring crew (whether they really deserve it or not), and anytime you want to lead our Twins to another Division Championship and perhaps the World Series, we will all stand for you -- you always deserve a standing ovation.

Ron Gardenhire
Along with Gardenhire winning the Manager of the Year award, Twins fans have many things to be excited about. The organization recently signed Jim Thome (one year, 3 million) back, along with Carl Pavano (two year, sixteen-five). These two guys are two of my favorite Twins. I love home runs and I love Carl's stache. What can I say?

Check back for more Twins information/updates. As my favorite sport and Minnesota sports team, the Minnesota Twins hold a special place in my heart.

As for me... I'm going to see if the Twins hold a special place in Mom's bank account via the purchase of season tickets. Wish me luck!

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