Friday, January 21, 2011

Carl Pavano Returns to Minnesota

I love Carl Pavano. I think he has the stuff to help make Minnesota another serious contender again this year. I also enjoy his choice of facial hair. I don't love his girlfriend so much... for obvious reasons. Overall though, I give him a 9 out of 10 so naturally I am very pleased he is remaining in Minnesota for at least another year.

Whether you like Pavano or not, I'm sure you can agree with my next statement: Anything that upsets the New York Yankees or even makes things just a bit harder for them is just fine.

Agree? Figured.

Well... turns out the New York Yankees had been in negotiations with Pavano and his agent-- the Yankees wanted him back in New York were they treated him like garbage. And made him shave (another extreme example of this would be Johnny Damon). So whether you like Carl Pavano or not, which I think you should, you can appreciate that signing him makes the world a better place by making the Yankees the least bit miserable.

See you in April you darn Yankees. We'll bring Pavano. You can bring your clean shaven boring men.

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