Friday, January 28, 2011

Trees No-More at Target Field... Cry Babies

Well... turns out other teams in the MLB filled with non-Twins players are color blind. They can't discern the ball from the trees at it leaves the pitchers hand. I think we should just make the balls white instead of green...

Because of this unfortunate fact, the Twins are going to take down the Evergreen trees behind center field wall at Target Field.

No big deal, it was only a signature design of Target Field. And I was probably the only one who thought it was extremely cute, scratch that, intimidating, when TC climbed out from behind said trees and hopped the center field wall.

I received the book "Target Field" for Christmas -- it outlines the parks aesthetics. Are you telling me my Grandpa has to get me "Target Field 2.0" next year because some hitters can't see the ball? Sounds more like a marketing scheme than a ploy to make our opponents better.

I blame this all on jealousy. I guess not everyone can be the ALC Division Champs.

Yea... I guess it is hard to see. The trees I mean, not the ball.

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