Sunday, January 23, 2011

Well have all been familiarized with the drama that is packaged as Brett Favre. Well... looks like that particular drama may be over. Brett Favre filed his retirement papers.

Oh wait... HE'S BACK!

Wait... no... He retired.


But... he really isn't. He may be though.

Honestly, who knows? Currently, we know Favre filed his retirement papers and has been quoted in various ways of being fine. Done.

What do I think the Vikings next goal should be? Entice a Mr. Aaron Rodgers over the border. Wouldn't that be JUST hilarious is we were to leave a trail of cheese from Green Bay to Minneapolis just to lure the studly QB in to our non-existent Stadium/Field/Dome. Wait... that would be a mouse. Mouse like cheese. Packers are just cheese-heads.

Well... Maybe we could use million-dollar bills instead. Bottom line. I think the Minnesota Vikings could use a guy like Aaron Rodgers. And who is most 'like' Aaron Rodgers? Aaron Rodgers himself. He would look very handsome in purple and gold.

See what you can do Zygi Wilf and get back to me. You have my cell # I'm sure.

I managed to snap this picture of Brett and Aaron just chilling in their Vikings' gear. Ignore the Packers logo on their shorts.

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