Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ticket King Teams up with Creative Charter for a Score of a Deal!

I have very exciting news for fans of Ticket King, like myself, and people who are fans of going to amazing one-time-a-year events, like yourself. Ticket King has recently partnered up with Creative Charter to bring our customers an awesome travel deal regarding Super Bowl XLV!!

Creative Charter is a locally owned group-travel company that specializes in trips and tours. Lucky for us, we share an interest in sports ;).

Ticket King is running a Super Bowl trip deal with Creative Charter. The basics of the deal are as follows: Creative Charter will provide the travel and Ticket King will provide the tickets. We sure know how to do uncomplicated! Since Ticket King has some seriously great Super Bowl XLV tickets and Creative Charter has economic travel deals, this is - hands down - an opportunity you want to take advantage of. (I almost didn't post this because I don't want any competition if I decide to take advantage of this deal myself!)

Here are more of the specifics: The deal is starting at $999 for Super Bowl XLV and the dates are February 3-7, 2011 -- the Super Bowl takes place on February 6th. Furthermore, the trip includes roundtrip airfare, 4 nights in a hotel, all transfers, and tour guide.


To find out more, or to purchase, call or email Creative Charters NOW to get on the list: 1-888-612-0323 OR

Any additional costs may include: game tickets, Taste of the NFL, and other optional events.

For your tickets, Ticket King has the Super Bowl XLV tickets you want/NEED! Call us at 1-800-396-7328 now for your Super Bowl tickets!! Go watch the Packers-Steelers in person!

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