Friday, January 28, 2011

Say Hello to a New Season Ticket Holder for the Minnesota Twins

scaredGood news!! I placed a deposit on Minnesota Twins Season Tickets this week. I am SO unbelievably excited... and then I found out what you are about to find out.

A team record 95% of fans renewed their season tickets for the 2011 season. Are. You. Serious. The President (of the world... just kiddding, of the Twins) said members of the team's ticket waiting list (me) are snatching up the open seats, and the team should be back up to its cap of 25,000 season tickets within about a week.

Well... this information was released today. And I placed a deposit on... Saturday? I may have a chance. But I am SO scared.

Hold good thoughts. I can't talk about this anymore...

1 comment:

  1. If you put the deposit in on Saturday you have NO chance this season. I placed a deposit in August & just got an email from the Twins saying that I am unlikely to get season tickets for 2011. :)