Thursday, November 11, 2010

Discount on Tickets Perfect for Wild Games

While Ticket King allows me to rant endlessly via my Ticket King College blog, I must occasionally spread the news of upcoming events and promotions Ticket King is offering. This one, I must say is pretty awesome and I am sure I will be taking advantage of it (perhaps when I purchase Christmas presents)!

If you are interested purchasing tickets for upcoming events, anything from the Minnesota Wild, Wolves and Vikings, to concerts like the Trans Siberian Orchestra, be sure to go to visit Ticket King because we are currently running a sweet promotion. Use the discount code STP at the check-out and receive 5% off of your entire order! Since we have no additional fees, this is a really awesome deal. You can use this code EVERY TIME INFINITELY! On a side note, I tried to get Kristy and Cortney to have a discount for an "Allison referral", but apparently I don't know that many people and the discount would have been useless. Eh... over it =).

If I may offer my expert-intern opinion, I would use this code (STP) on Minnesota Wild Hockey orders because we often have tickets for sale below face value (upwards of $10). What... a deal. Check it out: Ticket King!

Ticket King Tickets

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