Friday, November 5, 2010

Percy Harvin Questionable for Cardinals

Post-Moss departure, I coined the expression "In Harvin We Trust". Harvin sprained his left ankle last weekend against the New England Patriots, missing practice on both Wednesday and Thursday. Seriously? How many times have the Vikings hit the 'SELF-DESTRUCT' button this year?

We know Brett Favre has tapped that more than once... oooohh... about that.

Back to Harvin, first it was migraines (of which I can empathize, when I get migraines, I'm a bear), and now its a sprained ankle. Basically, Brett Favre (who is listed as "probable" for Sunday, since when did "probable" mean "definite", as if they won't start Favre) is left with three healthy receivers for Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals-- Greg Camarillo, Greg Lewis, Bernard Berrian. So... "Bomb it to Berrian", "Camarillo Can Catch", "Go-Lucky Greg Lewis".... uh ya, this may just be awesome.

Back to the game preview:

Last year the Cardinals and the Vikings were both victorious winners of their respective divisions, the NFC West and NFC North. This year, the loser of Sunday's game can give playoffs a big fat kiss goodbye, because they won't have a shot in the dark. If Minnesota draws the short straw, you can bet Brad Childress will be looking over his shoulder as he is already in the hot-seat due to the Randy Moss deal.

Brett Favre, going in to Sunday is still juggling an ankle injury, his age, and infidelity. No change there, but he did play pretty well before he was injured against the Patriots. I'm pulling for this guy to rally in back-to-back games. Everyone loves the glory days.

For the Cardinals, starting quarterback Derek Anderson is back in the saddle, regaining the starting position he had lost to rookie Max Hall. Anderson has been inconsistent and inaccurate.

Basically we are matched well at quarterback.

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