Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Joe Mauer, Rawlings Gold Glove Recipient

Joe Mauer wins 3rd Gold GloveFor the third consecutive year, St. Paul's hometown boy was named the recipient of an American League Rawlings Gold Glove Award.

Mauer committed only three errors in 733 chances for a .996 fielding percentage. My main man Joseph also nailed 26% of would-be base stealers. While Mauer has state that 2010 was a "long year" for him with numerous injuries, he is also proud of his outstanding defense given that most of the focus has been on his highly contributory offense.

Mauers third consecutive honor makes the 10th straight year the Twins have won at least on Gold Glove as a team.

Other recipients of the Rowlings honor include: Mark Teixeira (Yankees, 1B), Robinson Cano (Yankees, 2B), Evan Longoria (Rays, 3B), Derek Jeter (Yankees, SS), Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners, OF), Carl Crawford (Rays, OF), Franklin Guitierrez (Mariners, OF), Mark Buehrle (White Sox, P). Now I don't want to re-ignite the agonizing drama between the Minnesota Twins and the New York Yankees, but since the amazing malevolence I feel for the Yankees has never subsided, I will proceed.

While the Yankees may be tipping their pin-striped hats to Teixeira, Cano, and Jeter, I would like to give a Minnesota shout out to Torii Hunter of the Los Angeles Angels. Like Suzuki, of the Mariners, Hunter went in to the 2010 season as a recipient of 9 previous Gold Gloves, but he is notably missing from this years list. Torii Hunter played in 143 games totalling in 358 put-outs with only 3 errors. That, folks, is a fielding percentage on .992. I have decided to take it upon myself to find the faults in the award-giving process.

Derek Jeter played in 151 games totaling in only 182 put-outs. While I realize comparing the put-outs of a short stop and an outfielder are hardly comparable, but since we have no Yankee outfielder who was a recipient of a 2010 gold glove, (he annihilates Hunter in the assists category), check out Jeter's fielding percentage: .989.

If it were me, my vote for a gold glove winner would weigh heavily on the fielding percentage, which is the most widely used statistic for fielders of every position, because it is a well-developed defensive statistic that incorporates the putouts, assists, and total chances (which is equal to the number of putouts, assists, and errors combined) by a player. From there, the fielding percentage is calculated by dividing your putouts by your total chances. Based on my post-season research, Torii Hunter, who played with the Minnesota Twins for over 10 seasons, would win my vote by .003 percent.

You think I'm being petty? Recall: Derek Jeter fakes being hit by a pitch in order to get on base.

While I find myself looking for reasons to harp on the Yankees, I must credit them this, a $200-plus million dollar payroll suits them well. Seriously, no one can pull off 'dbag' so well. And when I say dbag, I am referencing dirt bag. Relax.

Again, congratulations Mauer on, not only winning a Rawlings Gold Glove award, but for being such a stand up guy and taking the contract with the Twins instead of the Yankees.

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