Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sidney Rice, Health vs Money

Sidney Rice Minnesota VikingsSidney Rice, who has yet to step on the playing field in this 2010 season due to a surgery in August, is offended that the media have hinted he is not playing out of soon-to-be free agent self-interest. He is offended.

Well, Sid, the Viking's medical team has cleared you sooo I don't really know what you are waiting for (if you are waiting to make your return in playoffs, may want to rethink THAT strategy). Sure, the Vikings put the 'to play or not to play' decision in your hands, but unless YOU have an M.D. degree, I think it may be about time to see what we've been missing for 3 months before we self-implode.

Rice addressed the reports in his own blog, titled "A Bunch of Bull". Apparently he doesn't agree with the media. Shocker. What an aberration for a Minnesota Vikings player to have issue with the media. Deja vu. In Rice's blog he writes, "Times like these, some news people just need stories to create and I guess me not getting back on the field yet is something they want to use."


Times like these... if you are talking about the economy, you have no business. You have no business talking about 'times like these' when you are being paid millions of dollars a year to NOT work. 'Times like these' consist of layoffs, closures and bankruptcies. Sound familiar to you? Of course not, why would it.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, say you weren't talking about the economy and you are talking about the lack of media-worthy stories spiraling around MPL/STP, in which case you are highly oblivious. Brett Favre scandal. Randy Moss blowup. Childress in the hot seat. Right.. . your story is what people want to hear. Scoff.

I'd say the best way to get some well-deserved media spotlight is to suit up for Sunday's game and show Minnesota you aren't off the field with dollar signs in your eyes, but with the Minnesota Vikings in your heart. Kinda cheesy.

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