Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sidney Rice To Return

Sidney RiceSidney Rice, who has been out for rehabilitation from a hip surgery he had in August, is looking to return to the roster. Rice did extensive work before the Cardinal's game, but did not make an on-field appearance as he has yet to be put on the active roster.

Childress, who is very knowledgeable about coaching the game of football =), has stated Rice is "very close, whether he is close enough to play, whether it's another week, it's hard to say right now." Childress further commented that it is a matter of if Sidney can play in an open field in the NFL, if he is ready for it because, unlike practice, the other guys will tackle. Hard.

In another Brad Childress-related story. Childress caused a[nother] press frenzy Sunday night when he made a comment... that was apparently a joke... when he was asked about any assurances he may have been give regarding his job. "I'm not going to sit here like Brett Favre and tell you I need compassion, I need a hug," he said. Holy Cow. Favre had said last week he could use a hug when asked if Childress was a compassionate coach. Brett's joke was just the beginning of a blood trail the thirsty press are continuing to follow relating to the relationship between Favre and Childress. Talk about stirring the pot... I may not like Brad Childress' coaching approach, but you have to admit the guy knows how to cause controversy. Very entertaining.

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