Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Minnesota Sports Fan Christmas List

It is that time of year again. I have decided to channel the child in me and create a Christmas list for this Holiday season on behalf of all of those who bleed red, white, and blue in the spring and purple and yellow in the winter.

1) A Minnesota Twins World Series Win

2) Brett Favre at the age of 30 wearing purple

3) Bill Bellichick as the Vikings head coach

4) Randy Moss

5) Jim Thome at age 25 with the career numbers of this year

6) A home in Ft. Myers so I could go to Spring Training

7) Cliff Lee

8) A payroll cap for the MLB (haha Yankees... that one is for you)

9) If No. 1 not possible, a Minnesota Twins post-season drive PAST the 1st round

10) A new Vikings Stadium completely paid for by Zygi Wilf

There ya have it folks. A Christmas list on behalf of all Minnesota Sports fans. Let's see what happens... On a semi-related note... if I find Cliff Lee under my Christmas Tree... oofta.

A Minnesota Sports Fan Christmas List

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  1. if you spell fort myers right, i'll let you come to my place there to watch spring training.