Thursday, October 28, 2010

Charlie Sheen

By now everyone and their Uncle (plus their Uncle's special lady) has gotten word of Charlie Sheen and his drunken antics... correction, alleged drunken antics... that took place while he was allegedly naked. Allegedly-schmallegedly. On a side note, when things like this happen with Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan, or Paris Hilton, and similar celebrities, we should be allowed to stop referring to their chaos as "alleged". Everyone knows the truth.

Charlie Sheen

Anyway, police found Sheen's room to be trashed, including but not limited to, tables and chairs being overturned and a damaged chandelier. A chandelier? Pretty classy for Charlie Sheen. He must of agreed, ergo he destroyed it. Allegedly.

All I can say is, I'm glad Charlie Sheen didn't have to go to jail because obviously this guy has a great time. I want to party with him. Who wouldn't?

You might be asking yourself, 'what does Charlie Sheen have in common with sports?' Clearly, like any athlete, he loves his extracurriculars.

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