Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween at Ticket King Includes Minnesota Wild

Halloween is right around that spooky alley corner that is generally associated with Halloween Slasher movies. Let's just say Halloween is right on your doorstep. Next to the pumpkin. And Ticket King St. Paul is joining in on the festivities!Free Popcorn at Ticket King

On Saturday, Ticket King St. Paul will be 'pre-gaming' (to my fellow college students, don't get too excited) the Minnesota Wild's spooky showdown with the Chicago Blackhawks. Come join the fun at Ticket King, St. Paul on Saturday night, anytime after 4pm. Wear your best Halloween costume and be rewarded with delicious treats (including popcorn!) and get your picture snapped with an "I <3>
-- The Ticket King Gang.

WARNING: If anyone comes as Snookie, I will be dressed up as the person who punched Snookie. Watch yourself.

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