Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ticket King's Sister Site, Gophers Hockey Tickets

You all known everything there is to know about my employer, Ticket King. 1) They took me off the streets and give me money, 2) Cortney makes me coffee, which is great, 3) I write amazing articles based off there ingenious ideas! Now that you are familiarized, let me introduce you to Ticket King's sister site that specializes innnnnnnn: (drumroll please!) Gophers Hockey Tickets

For all you U of M Hockey fanatics out there, I have discovered (well, Kristy actually told me about it) the best site for cheap U hockey tickets. On our sister site, you can learn everything there is to know about the men in maroon and gold, plus get great deals on tickets! Do yourself a favor, check it out. Now that I know about the Gophers Hockey Ticket site, I am kind of in the mood to promote it.

Gophers Hockey Tickets Website
I am looking to lighten my purse up a bit, yes, I think the Gophers Hockey Ticket site is that AMAZING... I want to help them advertise. If you know someone or someone you know knows someone else... uh... ya, if you know anyone who has a Minnesota Gophers sports blog, you should definitely email me. Make some money! Let me know: =)

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