Thursday, October 14, 2010

Favre the (Un)Faithful

Brett Farve Texting TroublesThere are two types of people in the world. Those that have heard about Brett Favre's alleged infidelity and those who haven't because their head is in the sand.

I am addressing those who have, the latter are a drain on society and need to get a clue.

Personally, I don't care if Brett Favre has an affair, or sexts, or sends naughty naked pictures... unless I am not on the recieving end of those delicious innuendos. Ooops... about that. Seriously though, who cares? Brett Favre is a silver fox that just so happens to have recently thrown over 5oo career passes for over 70,000 yards... yet we, the highly educated public, care about his indiscretions? We would.

With Brett Favre potentially joining the likes of Tiger Woods (when he said, "Just Do It", I misunderstood the directive), David Letterman (who broke word of discretions himself and is simply too funny to be upset with), Jon Gosselin (how, with his pudgy, balding, Ed-Hardy-sporting frame, he can get girls is beyond me) and Sandra Bullock's husband (no one knows his actual name... or cares), I see it more as a chance for myself to become the homewrecker everyone loves to hate than a reason to hate him. If thats what it takes for me to get in to Brett Favres jock strap, I gladly accept the terms.

On a side note, all the press Brett Favre is receiving is worrying an NFL team. I would have assumed the Vikings too, but no, the New York Jets are concerned that their reputation may not come out of this hot mess unscathed. In fact, the Jets could be sued for providing a hostile work environment that led to sexual harassment. Hostile? Hardly... I think they were looking for "erotic". Not everyone can be a wordsmith. Work environment? Who are you kidding, the Jets were 9-7 during their 2008 season, whatever work environment was attempted, failed. Perhaps, a work environment didn't exist at all if everyone was out frolicking in company incest. A word of advice, Jets, enjoy your 2010 season because, for you, this will blow over; you don't have to worry about Mrs. New York Jets getting jealous anyway. For Brett Favre, he will live with this reputation forever...

Cheaters never prosper? Bullshhhhhi*.

I dedicate this post to my lifelong friend, Mara, for she too has troubles staying faithful to her men. Mara: if you ever find yourself straying of f the path of discretion... think: what would Brett do. You can be faithful when you're dead. Stay strong girrrl.


  1. thanks for the dedication.
    I'm stayin strong.

  2. well, you are my only reader... might as well recongnize you for it!

  3. Jesus loves Brett.