Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Fashion

It is that time of the year... sweater dresses and cardigans paired with leggings and knee high boots. If only I were ready; I have yet to make my fall excursion to the mall... I'm writing this article in a tank top with short. Not really. I just though that might get a chuckle. Whatever.
Sanzia BootMicheal Kors Boot
My issue is money management. I believe in being frugal, but I don't execute frugality... it really isn't my best attribute. However, I am ready to whip out my Visa and purchase a pair of black, leather, knee high boots. The only problem is which ones... Help me readers!

After I buy one of these fabulous boots, I plan on updating my fall wardrobe. I can't wait! Aaaaannnddd... Donations are being accepted. Thanks!

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