Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vikings Loss To Packers

I am loathing the Vikings' loss to the Packers on Sunday. It is now Thursday and I am still having trouble sleeping at night. Not a joke. The loss was a hard one to take because there were SO many lost opportunities (or robbed). We had the chance to win, and then the officiating crew got a raise.

The Vikings performed well in a brutal environment on Sunday. AP obliterated Green Bay's defense taking on 131 yards and a TD off of 28 carries. Percy Harvin displayed his versatility through 5 receptions (***should be 6) for 65 yards (***could have been more) for 1 TD (***TWO). Bitter.

Wide Receiver, Randy Moss, whom I shall refer to as "The Freak" in the remainder of this awesome blog post out of respect for his faux moon against the Packers the last time he was at Lambeau in Purple, found the end zone. Personally, I think we need to utilize The Freak's abilities even more, especially those assets that are classified as 'fan antagonism". I hate Packer Fans. YOU ARE WEARING CHEESE ON YOUR HEAD! Which, frankly, relates you closer to a rodent than it does a human. And makes you stink like parmesan. Gross.

Never the less, all of the aforementioned jibber-jabber added up to a resounding loss for the Vikes. Yay, Purple Pride. The loss to the Packers will sting for a while, especially since we aren't used to losing to that obnoxious Pack (yes that is a jab at you Packer fans who have lost to OUR Brett Favre the last, and only, 2 times we have played you!). I'm sure we will rehash the game over and over in our heads, crunch numbers to see if we can budget an officiating crew in to our payroll, and replay Aaron Rodgers raising both arms and holding up 2 pointer fingers for victory in true Brett-Favre-Fashion (who do you think you are???) endlessly, but we must move on. We must man-up... or something... and face New England a team that is playing very, very well right now.

Butterfly EffectIn other news, another loss by the Minnesota Vikings, coupled with the fracturing of Brett Favre's ankle prompted an earthquake in Indonesia resulting in a tsunami-volcano eruption, one-two punch within 24 hours of each other. This, people, is known as the Butterfly Effect. Butterfly Effect can be defined as the following: If Brett Favre fractures his ankle in Minnesota, an earthquake, tsunami, and volcano triple threat will be unleashed on Indonesia, halfway across the globe. We need to get our sh** together FAST! Our bad.

*** This information is based on the yearly salary of Sunday's officiating crew according to the 2010 "How to screw the Vikings survey" plus any compensatory arrangements made through the Green Bay Packers; most likely all payments will be relative to the amount of 'screwing' the crew does to the Vikings. All figures have been rounded down and understated.

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