Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kansas Jayhawks vs Kansas State Wildcats

Time for some college football news. The 4-1 Kansas State Wildcats will be making their fury way to Lawrence on Thursday night to rumble with the 2-3 Kansas Jayhawks. Kansas State is hoping for a huge rebound after a more than disappointing loss to Nebraska last week.

This will be the 108th meeting of the Sunflower Showdown (the Paul Bunyan Axe has been going for 117 games, NBD) and Kansas has had the upper hand in this series lately... whoops. Which Kansas? I'm not going to tell, I can't give you guys everything.

Anyway, the visiting team in the Sunflower Showdown has only won just ONCE in the past six years. Good luck Kansas State, everyone loves a neat Cinderella Story.

If you are looking to hit up any of these games in person, which you obviously should, Ticket King (my rewarding employer!) has tickets... and so does this other Kansas Jayhawks site I stumbled upon. Here is the link, check it out: Kansas Jayhawks Football Tickets.

Sunflower Showdown

I know, they DO give blogs to anyone these days.

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