Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vikings Cowboys Weekend

This past weekend was quite an adventure for me. My UST bestie, Samantha Beck, had her cousin, Michael, and his friend, Matt, in town from California for the Vikings Cowboys game. Michael, a Minnesotan at heart and Matt, who might as well be wearing permanent cowboy boots were quite the pair.

However, let me start at the beginning of the weekend. On Friday, around early evening, my neighbors (who you may recall are Augsburg Baseball Players) invited myself, Samantha and her friend Chelsea, and our other roommate to a baseball party. We had planned to take it easy on Friday, given our big weekend ahead of us (set to pick Michael and Matt up at the airport the following day), but of course the sight of backyard games including, but not limited to, a college form of frisbee, bags, and hammerschlagen, we fast became committed to traveling that night to North Minneapolis. For those of you familiar with the cities, you know North Minneapolis is not dissimilar to Compton.

We arrived fashionably late at the house situated in between the Bloods and the Crips, and got our game on. One thing led to another and well, Samantha lost her phone. Go figure. This normally wouldn't have been a huge issue, but without Michael's number, we had zero access to his flight information.

After calling in a few favors, following a few paper trails, and one quick call to Michael's mom, we were set to pick up the boys at the airport. Let our weekend begin!

Allison, Matt, Samantha, Michael, Tyler, ChelseaBeing from California, Michael and Matt were adamant on going to White Castle, made famous by the movie "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle". Harold Lee and Kumar Patel are two stoners who end up craving White Castle. On their adventures, they encounter many obstacles including a raccoon and a racist officer. While we did not encounter either of those, we did have our own adventures involving a bilingual cashier and a street race.

Sunday, we all watched the Minnesota Vikings roundup the Cowboys. 'Nough Said.

All in all it was a successful weekend, resulting in me missing 3 out of my 5 classes on Monday.

Oh, PS, someone hacked my bank account this weekend and possibly has my social security number. I blame Compton. Hey, at least Texas beat the Yankees last night.

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