Wednesday, July 20, 2011

California and California 2.0: 51 States are a Possibility

That last post really took it out of me... whew... For more ridiculousness, read on.

Proposed California State SplitYou can split stocks and you can split the bill (for the record, the guy should always pick up the first tab), but can you split a state?

Some California officials would like to split California in to a more politically-manageable California and California 2.0. Unlike me, they came up with a more judicious name for the sister state: Southern California.

There are thirteen counties in California that are mostly conservative that want to break away from the rest of the yahoos. Apparently it is too hard for the politicians to govern California given its size. That's what she said.

Take it from 'the Terminator' two for the price of one doesn't work.

I'm going to follow this story closely because I find it both interesting and innovative. It actually makes me wonder if we can force the secession of the Bronx.

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