Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Joe Mauer, 1B

Imagine the standard double play featuring a 6-4-3 series. That is, a field and throw by the shortstop to the second baseman, who then throws over to first base. Common at best to even the most uneducated fan... Now imagine that first base is manned by Joe Mauer. If you find it difficult to picture the 6'5" Mauer in the place where his buddy Justin Morneau usually plays, you better tune in to Thursday's game against the Chicago White Sox.

Joe Mauer 1BRon Gardenhire told the press that Joe Mauer will "definitely play first base Thursday night, pretty sure about that." Now, I understand there are conflicting statements in that synopsis of Gardy's press conference when he states 'definitely' and 'pretty sure', but I still think the time has come where we see No. 7 at 1B.

The timing couldn't be better and I'm not talking about how perfect it is that Pavano will be able to throw to his personal catcher, Drew Butera while Jim Thome can DH. No, I'm talking about how perfectly synchronized Mauer's return is with the opening game of the Twins-White Sox series.

From the 'Piranhas' to the 'Sardines', Ozzie Guillen has coined a phrase for every slightly odd, but effective lineup Gardenhire has brought to the ballpark. This has to be the epitome of odd seeing as Mauer has only played 14 games at first base, with all of those coming during his minor-league career.

I can't wait to see what Ozzie Guillen has to say...

It may sound like I'm second-guessing Gardy. Not true. I support his decision to try out Mauer at first base. Mauer, during his few words with the press, has appeared to be less-than-excited about the move that will happen sporadically at best, but in Gardy we trust. The Minnesota Twins are notorious for players who give nothing but their best for the team. See Michael Cuddyer and his ability to play almost anywhere. It may be about time for hometown hero Joe Mauer to try his abilities elsewhere if his body can't handle the behind-the-plate beating.

Sorry Joe, I'm with Gardy on this one.

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