Monday, July 25, 2011

China's Yellow Sea

Ok. Gross. CNN reported that there is a massive bloom of green algae off the coast of China in the Yellow Sea.

Yellow sea? Doubt it. Is this a Iceland/Greenland situation? What are those tourists doing? If I had paid a bunch of Yuan to go on vacation... I sure would not be happy to sit under a Coca-Cola tent with a gorgeous green sea lapping at my lounge chair. Chinese officials haven't a clue as to why the green monster has departed Boston and ventured eastward around the tip of Africa (If not even the Somali pirates wanted it, you know the algae it bad) and posted up on the eastern coast of China.

Well... as long as we don't know what caused it, we might as well just swim in it. Everyone just try to avoid the dead fish that are resulting from the suffocating environment produced by the algae.

I wonder if their grandparents say, "When I was your age, I swam to school up hill both ways... and the water was blue" ?


  1. Seems green sea more than yellow one. The kids enjoying all over the grasses are extremely stunning. I wish I can also get a chance to enjoy in such places.

  2. No kidding! I'm pretty squeamish around sea weed and things of that nature, so I wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much, but it would be fun to see such a thing in person!

    Thanks for your comment!