Friday, July 29, 2011

Jim Thome Commercial Flannel Shirt

I love the Twins commercial featuring Jim Thome as Paul Bunyan. When the commercial first aired, I even made it my duty to make the video viral amongst my family, showing everyone as many times as they would let me show it. I think I may have an addictive personality.

The Twins auction must know there are those of us out there... the ones who are both obsessive and Jim Thome fans. That's why, when the first annual Twins Auction came around they set the Jim Thome commercial flannel shirt at a starting bid of $600. The XXXL (the size listed here is complete speculation), black and red plaid flannel accentuated by 'Thome 25' on the back is extremely cool and an ultimate keepsake. Knowing this... I logged in to my online bank account and tried to attempt some creative accounting.

I really wanted to make this work. I would eat off ramen, donate plasma and maybe even sell a kidney to get a piece of Thome's legacy hung on the wall in my house. Creative accounting is a lot harder than it sounds - no wonder Goldman Sachs got away with it. SOBs. As the game went on, it appeared that the Twins score and the Thome shirt bid had an inverse correlation. As the autographed "Paul Bunyan" flannel bid skyrocketed toward $5,000 the Twins deficit increased to 3.

Nothing was going my way. Nothing went my way.

The Twins lost and the Jim Thome flannel went to someone else with more than $300 in their checking account.

Congratulations to the new owner of the Jim Thome commercial. Not only are you wealthy enough to spend $5,000 on a shirt, but now you have a little piece of Jim Thome history. You are one lucky fan.


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  1. the Twins Community fund is a great organization so, while like you i am envious of those who can afford such a bidding war, we should be glad that their money is doing wonders for the community.