Friday, July 29, 2011

I've Become a True Blood Truebie

Sookie and Bill

If you have no interest or knowledge of True Blood, watch it and then read this post.

My family is one of those where we hear about a great movie, TV season or book, proceed to buy said entertainment, watch/read it, then pass it along to another family member. I recently was handed True Blood seasons one and two. With only 12 episodes per season, they are pretty easy to fly through if you watch a couple before bed, which I did.

Before I knew it, I became emotionally attached to True Blood. This is no extreme case like me and Grey's Anatomy or me and Bones, but I do find myself urging Sookie on towards Eric. That is emotionally attached.

I'm on the third season (the latest season) and can't wait to see what happens now that Bill has moved across state lines to be a sheriff of a Mississippi county. With Bill out of the picture, Eric has his chance to move in on Sookie. Rumor has it that season 4 is finally playing on the desires of fans like me and have Sookie and Eric doing the horizontal mamba. Finally. The apprehension is killing me!

I wonder how Stephen Moyer (Bill), Anna Paquin's (Sookie) real life husband thinks about the potential hook up between Sookie and Eric and how the fans are pleading True Blood creators to make it happen. Yikes. Moyer better be secure in his marriage!

The fourth season of True Blood is underway on HBO. So happy I don't have HBO. Great.

Sookie and Eric

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  1. i vote for an eric-sookie whirlwind romance too!