Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ESPN's David Shoenfield is Wrong.

David Shoenfield ESPNThere was recently a post on ESPN titled, "Sticking with the White Sox to win AL Central". Now you can imagine why this caught my eye as a long time believer that the only thing worse than a Yankee fan is a White Sox fan. I read the post. NOTHING fancy.

Not only does the post boast more points as to why the White Sox won't win the division than actually propositioning reasons supporting the original assertion ("They have the best rotation in the division. The Twins actually have a slightly better rotation ERA...") , but the entire passage basically makes a laughing stock of the AL Central and hints at the division as being less-than-competitive. Apparently David Shoenfield, the writer of the article, has forgotten that the rest of baseball's finest are pointing a finger out west at the LA Dodgers because they are the ones REALLY struggling. Get off our AL Central backs, Shoenfield. I've had enough out of you.

After reading the post with a cynical eye with the Twins-Indians game playing in the background, I proceeded to the comments:

Crusader721 said: "White Sox fans keep saying "oh Adam Dunn is going to start hitting" and "oh this person is going to start doing well "but at the end of every night we look at the stat sheet and nothing has changed... Go Tigers... please don't collapse this year..."

-- I like what you have to say here, Crusader. It's like the old saying goes, "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." Sorry, Adam Dunn. May I suggest a music career with your, more likely than not, distant cousin Ronnie Dunn?

-- You have a strong argument here... especially relating to the part about the Tigers collapsing. The Tigers have always collapsed around this time of year.

Benkatie4 said: "Once again, just like every year, the Twins get NO RESPECT, they OWN the White Sox and will win the Central Division again. With Mauer back and on fire hitting and Nathan strong again as their closer, The Twins will win it once again. You are in major DENIAL!

-- I'm going to go out on a limb and say Benkatie4 is slightly irked. As I write this, Mauer just drove in a run against the Indians making it 2-0 Twins. Good call, BenKatie4.

ChicagoEnoughSaid said: "I been saying it all year... To me it will come down to who is playing the best baseball in September. I believe out of Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit, or Cleveland whomever gets hot will win..."

-- ChicagoEnoughSaid is either Captain Obvious or a politician. Whoever gets hot will win? Whomever is playing the best baseball in September will win? This guy should play the stock market because he has obviously cornered something here that no one else has thought of.

-- P.S. while you were being so political, you forgot Kansas City.

rylesg74 said: "The White Sox!?!? HAHAHAHHA good one. The Twins will take the division, again."

-- Marry me?

The comments keep on filtering in, people are clearly heated. I see some petty fights breaking out between, who I assume to be, adults and it only makes me love baseball more. I get it though. Even between friends and teams, I find myself more likely to side with my team - its reasonable to assume the team will be around longer... Unless you are a Dodgers fan.

I would like to thank all the Twins fans out there that went berserk reading David Shoenfield's post - I've never been more proud. I would also like to thank the Detroit and Chicago fans who, without hesitation, threw their teams under the bus.

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