Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jon Rauch Loses it Against Phillies

Check out the video:

Jon Rauch lost his cool... and his shirt... on umpire Alfonso Marquez after a series of close calls in a game against the Phillies.

Many of you may remember the reliever, Jon Rauch, from his time with the Twins. I've always thought of Rauch as 6'11" the mobster-friend I never had. Clearly I wasn't too far off base.

Rauch later told reports that: "The first thing I told the umpire is that it's a shame that he can't have an ERA because those runs are his. I think he directly affected the outcome of the game. I voiced my opinion. Maybe a little bit too vocally, but it happens."

I miss him.

Not only was his explosion so heated it put the Independence Day fireworks to shame, but in his post-ejection interviews he was calm while still maintaining that mobster you-can't-touch me vibe. Plus, he was slightly clever with the ERA comment and you all know I can't resist a mobster with a mind.

I watched the ESPN highlights on the ejection of Rauch and Toronto Manager John Farrell and I side with Rauch. His 'borderline' pitches were the identical twin-pitches of Roy Halladay's strikeout pitches in yet another complete game.

Stay classy Rauch -- I like what you do both on and off the mound. I look for more of your intimidating no-nonsense attitude.

Casey Anthony better hope Jon Rauch doesn't have a negative opinion regarding the results of her trial.

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