Friday, July 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen Does Drugs... #Winning

Well the word is out... Charlie Sheen does drugs. Shocker, I know. Apparently this isn't a new thing, even to those of you living under a rock (think of the Geico commercial).

Recently, Sheen drug habits before and during his filming of Major League (P.S. great movie) came to light as he revealed juicing up for the movie. I'm not here to write breaking news, but it turns out that Wild Thing [Sheen] took steroids while filming the movie and that said performance-enhancing drugs improved his fastball from 79 mph to 85 mph.

Sheen had commented that he took the performance-enhancing drugs in hopes of "enhancing his performance." What a revelation; Sheen really misses nothing.

This guy.

Sheen told sports illustrated that he used the drugs for 6-8 weeks. I'm no medical expert, but I hear steroids have the effect of shrinking a guy's... package. I wonder how the "Goddesses" feel about that.

Before, it could be argued that Charlie Sheen was less than a serious actor. Now that we know he is willing to go the distance and juice up just for a role, we can dismiss that case. In fact, maybe all the drugs he has done can be attributed to his role on Two and a Half Men. Or maybe... that's just what he wants us to think. Once again, Charlie, you've got us right where you want us.

At least Sheen is staying in the headlines. Wait, no... opposite of that. #winning.

Rick Vaughn

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