Friday, June 17, 2011

Adios "Las Piranas", Buenos Dias "Las Sardinas"

Ozzie Guillen. I can't help but idolize you and your vague interpretation of the English language coupled with your imaginative nicknames you've so kindly bestowed on the Minnesota Twins.

After a two game sweep of the Chicago White Sox at home, Ozzie Guillen had a few words to say:

“These are las sardinas (the little sardines) here,” he said. “They are f------ sardines. You see a bunch of [circus] midgets out there. But they can play. That kid who is the leadoff guy [Revere is] pretty good. When you’re missing [Justin] Morneau, [Joe] Mauer, [Jim] Thome and [Jason] Kubel and you’re still winning games, you have to give those guys credit.”

“They never sit back and say, ‘We’re missing the big boys,’” Guillen said. “They continue to play. That’s the reason Gardy is the most underrated manager; he won Manager of the Year last year but he waited 10 years to win it. Gardy makes those guys play and play right. He gets the most out of his players, and they will be in the pennant race with a lot of people."

Guillen has abandoned the regionally known nickname, Piranha, that was bestowed on the Twins back in the days of Jason Bartlett, Jason Tyner and Big Chief Piranha Nick Punto. Those days are long gone and it only seemed appropriate in the unstable mind of Guillen that times and nicknames evolve. Born then, was the "[expletive] Sardines". It is so easy for me to sit back and enjoy what Ozzie Guillen brings to the game of baseball and to America itself.

On a side note, someone must be a big fan of Red Lobster.

Though dwarf or little person are the proper nomenclature, midget being slightly derogatory, I still found Guillen's words to be inventive and accurate. However, Ben Rever, Tsuyoshi Nishioka, Alexia Casilla and Matt Tolbert, who I can only assume are the players to which Guillen is referring, all meet the criteria of a 'normal sized human' being of statures taller than 4'9". No worries though, I'll let it slide.

Piranhas... sardines... plankton. I don't care, the Twins are winning with our tenacious and smallish players. Give me all the fresh fish I can handle. And that means a lot coming de una chica que adora bistec.

Ozzie Guillen is classic and I don't care what anyone says. Ron Gardenhire may be the most underrated manager, but Guillen is the most under quoted.

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