Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Minnesota Twins and Their Triple-A Staff

Twins HazingThe Minnesota Twins have been winning. Without Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Francisco Liriano, Jason Kubel, Joe Nathan and Denard Span. We have been winning.

What happens when those regular-start players return? We weren't winning with them before and now that we are, they just get to come back? What about the impact that players like Ben Revere have had? Rene Rivera has been calling more than a decent game, right?

I understand what it means to be loyal to your core of veteran and talented players, but when does the time come to give credit where credit is due?

Ben Revere, while he has a poor throwing arm, has speed that becomes very useful when the offense isn't pulling their weight. Revere's speed has been illustrated in the highlight reels of late, showing his amazing catches in center field. We need to get back to the days of small-ball and base stealing seems to be natural for the speedy Revere. Revere throws Minnesota back to the days of the "Piranhas" as dubbed by Ozzie Guillen referring to the bottom hitters of the Twins lineup a few years back. Revere could help us with that.

Rene Rivera has been calling a great game behind the plate. The pitchers have even spoke out. Rivera has called Nick Blackburn's last four starts, including one that was a complete game for Blackburn. Blackburn was interviewed after that game and couldn't stop talking about how great Rivera is doing and how well they work together. Besides, with a name like Rivera in the game, that team is bound to win, right? See Mariano Rivera.

Joe Mauer and other players are expected to return soon. Should we welcome them on the field and just forget what players like Revere and Rivera have done for the Twins as of late? No, we shouldn't, but what can we do?

We should keep Revere and Rivera on and remember them and continue to use them as key contributors. They've captured the hearts of many fans and will, hopefully continue to do so in Twins uniforms.

The picture featured in this post captures the hazing of Minnesota Twins rookies. Pictured in the team photo: Danny Valencia (Borat); Alex Burnett (Muhammad Ali); Drew Butera & Jeff manship (Ambiguously Gay Duo); Ben Revere (DJ Lance Rock from "Yo Gabba Gabba"); Trevor Plouffe (Bruno).

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