Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Twins BEAT the Indians!

I guess it takes just a bit of reverse psychology to kick the Twins in to gear. For those of you who read regularly, you may have seen my post a couple of posts ago stating the Twins are basically out of it.

Twins beat IndiansWhile I'm not saying I was wrong before, I still think there is little chance we will make the playoffs, I am extremely happy about the effect my post seems to have had.

Some readers seemed disgruntled and I did receive backlash (hey no one likes facing reality), but the best reaction I received came from the Twins as they downed the Tribe to take the series.

How can, as said by analysts, the worst team in baseball beat the best team in baseball? That's a little Twins magic for you folks. You betcha I love that they won. We are the Twins and we will go out fighting...

Looking at the current standings, Detroit is only half a game out of first. We did some real damage to the Indians, making them look like garbage, while the Tigers are coming off as the 'new' best team in the AL Central. What are the Twins going to have to do to get through to these knuckleheads? We may not have the best record, but we will always be the best team in baseball.

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