Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All-Star Votes Clear Indication of Who is the Best... Not.

I checked in on the current standings for the AL All-Star voting. I'm not surprised by what I found.

If you recall my earlier post about how the Yankees have monopolized the All-Star vote, well not much has changed.

Russell Martin, Yankees: 2,779,592
Alex Avila, Tigers: 2,345,065
Joe Mauer, Twins: 1,699,604

First Base:
Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox: 4,014,722
Mark Teixeira, Yankees: 3,077,242
Miguel Cabrera, Tigers: 2,184,480

Second Base:
Robinson Cano, Yankees: 4,724,816
Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox: 2,979,181
Ian Kinsler, Rangers: 1,896,259

Third Base:
Alex Rodriguez, Yankees: 3,735,406
Adrian Beltre, Rangers: 2,935,373
Kevin Youkilis, Red Sox: 2,724,286

Derek Jeter, Yankees: 3,392,128
Asdrubal Cabrera, Indians: 2,885,778
Elvis Andrus, Rangers: 1,971,514

David Ortiz, Red Sox: 4,237,014
Michael Young, Rnagers: 2,235,504
Jorge Posada, Yankees: 1,453,385

Jose Bautista, Blue Jays: 5,263,840
Curtis Granderson, Yankees: 4,582,419
Josh Hamilton, Rangers: 3,173,000
Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox: 3,051,675
Carl Crawford, Red Sox: 2,294,337
Nelson Cruz, Rangers: 1,912,783

By any standard, the Minnesota Twins players haven't played like All-Star material. I can acknowledge that. I am even shocked to see Joe Mauer in the polls despite him missing almost 60 games so far this season. But the Yankees? Really? People blindly vote for them out of name recognition (Mauer, though I love him, is an example of this. He has barely played and when he has, has boasted subpar numbers, yet was voted in to third place). The Red Sox are leading that division and, while they do have two players currently leading their respective positions, you would think they would have more of a representation. This is the same for the Rangers and the Indians.

The Rangers are completely under represented for how well they have played this year. Honestly, if the Twins don't head in to the playoffs and Texas does, I know the team that I'm rooting for. The Rangers are a club with more than decent players-- they should be better represented in the All-Star polls.

Recall the issue of Sports Illustrated that had Alex Rodriguez voted as the most overrated player by other MLB players? I understand that he could theoretically be the most overrated yet still be the best... but that seems unlikely. There are better third basemen out there. Just ask Cameron Diaz.

America is blinded by stardom. If we can't even vote in the most well-deserving players, then of course we can't handle things like credit card debt, marriage or fiscal policy. Get yourselves figured out, America.

Alex Rodriguez Looking Ridiculous

Nice collar. You're ridiculous.

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