Friday, June 3, 2011

Yankee Fans Fail in Team Support, Pick it up America

Here are the totals in the fan vote for the All-Star Game. Prepare yourself, they are upsetting.

Catcher: Russell Martin, New York Yankees
First base: Mark Teixeira, New York Yankees
Second base: Robinson Cano, New York Yankees
Shortstop: Derek Jeter, New York Yankees
Third base: Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees
Outfield: Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays
Outfield: Curtis Granderson, New York Yankees
Outfield: Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers
Designated hitter: Michael Young, Texas Rangers

Appalling, right? I don't know what fans of the New York Yankees could possibly be busy with that they could only manage to vote in six out of the nine positions to Yankees. What a way to honor the 27-time world champions? Do fans of the NYY consider under-representation to be a 'congratulations' of sorts because it just isn't good enough... its more like a big 'F U' to the greatest baseball players of all time.

All Star BallotWhere are Nick Swisher, Jorge Posada and Brett Gardener? How would you like to be the three Yankees who were beat out by a player with only one home run (Josh Hamilton), a player that doesn't even play for a team in the United States (Jose Bautista) and someone that could be your younger brother (Michael Young)? You let Canada out-vote you? Canadiens aren't even allowed guns! How embarrassing and irresponsible.

Don't Yankees fans care enough to ensure that every single starter on the All-Star team is a Yankee? Pathetic. And you NYY fans call yourselves the best fans in the world? How are Swisher, Posada and Gardener suppose to hold their heads high during role call knowing that the fans who are cheering would much rather either be booing or cheering for the players of two other teams? How are they even supposed to play? I guess they'll have no option but to ask to sit out of the games until they are equally represented -- Posada can show them how to do that, he is well-versed in pouting.

Looks like the Yankees will have to earn something this year - no payoff seems to be effective (I'm sure they've already tried it). If the Yankees want to saturate the All-Star vote completely, they are just going to have to do it the old-fashioned way. Visit as many ballparks in America and Canada and vote as many times for the boys in pinstripes. Steal those paper ballots from children, tackle ushers carrying the box of ballots and take the forms to the get-away-Mercedees and perforate as many of those Yankees as possible.

As Americans, let's get these Yankees voted in to the All-Star game. After all, no one can ever get enough Yankee.

As a side note, based on the MLB Players Poll on, Alex Rodriguez is ranked the No. 1 most overrated player in the MLB. And since not everyone can be number one though the Yankees try, Derek Jeter must again accept the No. 3 spot.. at least Swisher makes this poll at No. 6.

For totals, 5 of the 16 most overrated MLB players, according to MLB players, are Yankees. Jeez... no luck monopolizing that poll either! Yankee fans are going soft.

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