Friday, June 3, 2011

The Minnesota Twins May Just Be Done

I've never been one pegged as overly optimistic. I don't think of myself as a pessimist necessarily, more just trying to see things as they are and cover all the bases. To the ever annoyance of my bestie, Mara, I call myself a 'realist'.

This Twins season is in need of a healthy dose of realism. Like Lindsay Lohan, AOL chat, Britney Spears' career and cockroaches, just when you think the Twins are dead and count them out, they really spring to life. You should never count the Twins out.

Yet... even if the Twins were to go 63-44 from here on out, they would only finish at .500. Honestly guys, I don't think we can come back from the terrible start we've had. Don't hate the messenger: I'm just relayin' what the Twins are playin'.

The Twins have been one constant in the ALC since 2002, winning six of the past nine AL Central titles. We have been the special kind of nuisance that refuses to die when times get tough, often coming back to steal the division from the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox.

The Twins are smart, likable, tough, well-managed and perpetually underestimated, making them a hard team to hate even if you are an out-of-state baseball follower. This group of guys that represent Minnie and Paulie are a group that keeps winning and winning and winning... and the they will win again. The Twins will win again, just not this year. The Twins, incredibly, are already done.

I can't determine if this piss-poor Twins season is more depressing because it follows a piss-poor Vikings season or if the Twins derailment is epically depressing all on its own.

Perhaps its the fact that Mauer's injury has to be put in quotations like something that is foreign and not actually in existence (i.e. "bilateral weakness). Maybe the novelty of Target Field has worn off enough to see the chinks in the Twins' shield. The disappointment could stem from the pitching staff's ERA. I don't know. All I know is its time to stop pointing fingers, close up the "ALC Champs" tee shirt shop and wait until next year when (hopefully) the Twins will show up to play.

sad fan
The Twins are really dead and won't be issuing a comeback tour anytime soon, it might be time to accept it. Don't stop watching and don't stop going to the games, just stop believing the Twins will win the World Series. While painful, the pain will be less now than in three months.

Stay faithful Twins territory.

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