Friday, June 10, 2011

The Happy Gnome in St. Paul

My LSAT adventure appears to be over, FINGERS CROSSED, and I cannot be more happy! I receive my ever-anticipated score at the end of June.

With that chapter of my life over (believe me that chapter blew), I have all this free time! Granted, much of my day is filled with work, homework, school, and law school preparation in the form of my personal statement and applications. Sounds fun, right?

Before I began all that, my friend Katie and I decided to celebrate our LSAT completion after the test. Immediately after the test, that is. We went out with fellow LSAT students with our Kaplan instructor. Call me geeky, I get it. In my defense, geeks will inherit the earth.

The bar we went to, I had never heard of, but can see myself going back for more. The Happy Gnome, located in St. Paul is more than just the typical restaurant/bar. The Happy Gnome, clearly creative, is a craft beer exploration experience. The bar has more than 70 taps with exclusively domestic craft and quality import. The beer doesn't stop at the 70 rotating taps, the Happy Gnome also features an eclectic bottled beer selection. My favorite beer, so far, is the "Surly Bender".

The Happy Gnome describes the Surly Bender as this: Malty/Sweet; Here's what happens when substance meets smooth. An easy-drinking ale with many layers of satisfaction.

While I love the corporation scene of America, I appreciate the 'homey' feel of the Happy Gnome. How Gnome Sweet Gnome. This is the first bar I've been to in America that threw me back to my time in Scotland. I felt as though I was in a small town pub where order substitutions are readily accommodated and heels are replaced by comfy Birkenstocks.

I really cannot wait to go back and explore my way to becoming a beer aficionado.

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