Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Facebook and Baseball Fandom

Twins FansI recently stumbled upon a post by the social media giant, Facebook. Normally, I don't necessarily care about the opinions of Facebook since they have tried to sabotage my favorite search engine Google, but this post caught my baseball-loving eye.

Baseball season is in full swing and, if you are anything like me, you often support your favorite team on your Facebook. Well, Facebook took that data and created a profile of the fans for each team and determined what your fandom says about you and your team's other followers. Interesting, right? I thought so.

I printed out the post and, while I found all 7 pages to be entertaining, insightful and slightly humorous, I am going to focus on the area of Team Devotion.

We all know the stereotypical die-hard fan is the Boston Red Sox. Usually I say stereotypes exist for a reason. Facebook shows this is not true. Apparently the Phillies possess the most loyal fan base. The Yankee fans even beat the Red Sox fans. Talk about a heated rivalry, you would think those guys would be neck and neck; in fact, the Yankee fan base is a full three spots ahead. Still... whoop dee doo. What I found most interesting is where the followers and fans of Twins baseball ranked.

We aren't even close to the Boston faithful. Nope. In reality, Facebook has the fans of Minnie and Paulie ranked 4th behind the Phillies, Tigers and Cardinals. We, as Twins fans are the fourth most faithful bunch of yahoos known to baseball.

Now I know why my blood boils when I see some clown walking around St. Paul wearing a Yankee hat. I see that joke of a fan and think, 'not only do you cheer for the worst team in baseball, but you don't even do it with a respectable amount of loyalty.' This data shows that hatred is part of my culture as much as it is genetics.

I'm proud of you Minnesota Twins fans. Fair-weather we are not.

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