Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Minnesota Twins Poised for AL Central Lead?

Carl PavanoAfter the first inning of last night's Minnesota Twins game against the World Series Champs San Francisco Giants, we were on trend to score 72 runs after scoring 8 in the first with at least 8 more innings to play. However, that seemed unlikely and didn't happen. Know what did happen? We won our eighth game in a row. Eat it Cleveland.

The first eight batters scored, which hasn't happened since the Yankees in 1990. San Francisco's pitcher didn't get an out until Carl Pavano came to the plate. Not much of an accomplishment getting Pavano out either, he hacks like a lumberjack. A blind lumberjack. I like to think of it as getting back to those Paul Bunyan roots.

We are only 6.5 games back and have upcoming series against the White Sox, Royals, Indians and Tigers in July. I bet the Twins will be at .500 before the All-Star break if not shortly after.

As for Division leaders? Clearly it would be nice if we were poised to take the AL Central by the time we take on Boston, the Indians, Tigers and Yankees in the beginning of August as that is a tough stretch of teams with half being on the road. Bottom line is we are now talking about winning the AL Central. Two weeks ago we were talking about dumping players before the trade deadline to prepare for next year. The Minnesota Twins never die.

The record for a deficit made up by a postseason team is 15 though no one reading this has first-hand records of this because it happened in 1914. The Indians are on the pace to win 88 games this season. We would have to go 56-35 the rest of the way to win that same 88. That is a .615 pace. .615 is hardly impossible considering the Phillies have player .622 ball this whole year, but the last Twins team to maintain a pace like that happened in 1965.

There are ZERO pictures of "Carl Pavano batting" on google. This lumberjack picture was the closest I could find and, though the facial hair is inaccurate, it does the job.

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